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Are you looking to upgrade your residential or commercial property with brickwork, or stonework? Rely on us for quality work at Wye Valley Heritage . From repairs to a new project in construction, we deal with it all! We're backed by years of experience in the industry. You’ll like that at Wye Valley Heritage we work as a team.

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With brick and stone work, there are many options for the homeowner to choose from ranging from inexpensive to rather costly. There is, the standard face brick of similar size and shape to a house brick; next you have a brick veneer which is essentially an ultra thin brick, and finally cut stone can also fall into this category. All of these different types of brick offer similar benefits, and ultimately it is the depth of your budget that allows you to opt for cut stone over a thin brick veneer.

Installing brick is more labor intensive than vinyl or aluminum, as brick sidings need to be securely held in place with mortar. It is a job for a siding contractor unless you, as the homeowner, has experience in brick laying or stone work. It is vital to remember when installing your brick siding, to use a weather proof barrier in between the siding and base materials to ensure no water or damp can seep into the house itself.

With brick and stone work, it is crucial to apply a clear layer of weather coat for those who live in very wet or damp areas. Because brick is a natural, and subsequently porous substance; those who do live in areas with adverse weather could experience issues with damp seeping into their bricks. This can lead to staining of the bricks, or worse, damaging the structural integrity of the bricks themselves. Bricks are incredibly low maintenance, so low that they do not even require maintenance after an initial weatherproofing. It is incredibly common for brick sidings to last longer than the actual materials a house was originally built from, offering a superb amount of value for the initial high cost of brick siding. Furthermore, it is highly unlikely that you will ever have to replace a brick due to damage, because bricks are not easily broken and you won't have to worry about cracks, dents or punctures too.

Stone restoration is more delicate work than brick work, so choosing a contractor like us at Wye Valley Heritage you will have one who does most of the work on  stone counters and floors. Many of our stone contractors work on restoring and repairing old stone as well as new. We will make the time and for you and with our  experience we will do a very detailed job on the stone, and they will help solve unusual problems with your stone surfaces such as staining, chips, and cracks.

Stones and bricks add to the appearance and value of any place. Whether you want to enhance the look of your fire pit or kitchen area, you'll get quality work from us

In addition to offering a variety of stonework and brickwork for your building at Wye Valley Heritage, we can provide you with quality materials for other projects. Give us a call today!