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With the cost of moving home standing at around £2000 for solicitors' fees alone, it is no surprise to see why many people are turning to extensions of their current home as an alternative option. The top three ways to add value to your property are by adding a loft conversion, traditional extensions or building a conservatory.

To achieve the best result when undertaking an extension it is imperative to be decisive in choosing a specific style; either something that will blend naturally with your current home or take the opposite approach and create something really bold and distinctive. When making this final decision, think about the effects your choice will make on future buyers, you don't want to completely deter them.

Below you can fine the main benefits of the three most common extension options:

Loft Conversion

This space can be converted into extra bathrooms, bedrooms or living areas meaning it is a very versatile option. Loft conversions come in a lot cheaper than other alternatives, starting from between £8000 and £15000 .

Most lofts can be converted, just as long as they meet the minimum roof height of 2.4mDisruption for this type of development is minimal and work should be completed within a month.


Conservatories can be constructed whilst you continue to reside in the property and cause minimal disruption

There are options to suit a wide range of budgets

Quite frequently it is not necessary to acquire planning permission or building regulations

Traditional Exterior Extensions

Certain types of extensions do not require planning permission

We can create plans tailored to meet your specific needs

If your home is an older home it is likely to have a number of fireplaces and chimney breasts. Most homes these days have central heating and so the need for a fireplace in the home is more for visual and cosmetic reasons. If a fireplace is not in use, having it removed along with the chimney breast and possibly chimney stack can have the benefit of reclaiming otherwise lost space. Removing a chimney breast and fireplace not only allows you to maximize your space in a number of rooms and provides the possibility to make use of the space in a number of ways including:

Adding Fitted Wardrobes or a larger bed in a bedroom.

An area or wall from which to hang your television, or an area to place your television stand.

Converting a single bedroom into a double bedroom.

A place for that dining table you always wanted.

A new modern fireplace feature.

When you add an extension to your home it is a great way to increase living space. A house extension can transform any home and provide you with extra rooms, and living space while at the same time add great monetary value to your property also making it more attractive to potential buyers. If you wish to increase the value of your house this is one of the main reasons for considering a home extension, you should do some research and discover the current value on the market of your home and then get someone in to get for an estimate of what it will be worth after the extension to see whether or not it makes financial sense. You can do this by speaking to one of our advisor's we are always here to help.



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