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When picking the right building company to renovate your home you need professional advice. Here at Wye Valley Heritage we specialise in property renovations and giving our customers professional advice, we offer our services in Hereford and the following surrounding towns, Ledbury, Malvern, Ross and Worcester, Bristol.  Are you and your family outgrowing your present home? What can you do to make your family more comfortable and accommodate all your valuable furnishings and other home accessories? The answer is simple; Let us at Wye Valley Heritage help you make your home more spacious by adding rooms and renovating existing spaces. Home additions and renovations are the only intelligent and inexpensive solutions to expand on your living area. Although renovating your home is cheaper than buying a new home, there are certain things you should consider when planning to do so, here at Wye Valley Heritage we take your renovation very seriously.

How We Plan Home Renovations?

Renovation is simply not about adding an extra bedroom or converting your attic, it is more than that. Any changes and additions to your existing house means, long-term changes that will affect your daily living. Therefore, home renovations should be planned and executed wisely. Here are some tips to help you.

• hire one of us as your expert contractor at Wye Valley Heritage building services  we have the experience of providing home additions and renovation services.

• Make sure you want to renovate your home to increase its value or you intend to do it for your personal use.

• Determine what are the exact changes you want in your house, how many rooms you want to add, etc.?

• Determine how much you are willing to spend or stretch your budget.

• Feel free to ask us for home improvement ideas.

Why Are We The Right Contractor?

There are different types of builders who specialize in different disciplines. Therefore, you need to make sure to hire an expert like us in home renovations rather than just a general building contractor. We cover all the following aspects, which show’s we are better than others.

• Quality: If you read reviews or ask others about us you will find we have an amazing track record, we can give you our history, recent projects and current projects to show the quality of our work is outstanding!

• Work: Using us as your contractor will allow us to provide customized services to meet your specific requirements.

• Delivery: We offer a very efficient quality service. We always meet our deadlines and we offer a very good service. We can give you specific times and dates for your renovation work to be done, if you wish you can look us up and see we have a very good track record!  

Important Things You Must Know Before Adding Home Additions:

Although remodelling of your home may not involve major constructions like a new house would need, yet there are four important things you need to know if you are planning home renovations

1. City Restrictions and building requirements

2. Foundation of your existing home

3. The new design for your home renovations

4. Materials Required

Here at Wye Valley Building Services we are fully equipped to deal with all your home renovation needs.



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