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At Wye Valley Heritage LTD we protect the environment with the Correct Carpentry Construction

At Wye Valley Heritage we are making sure we are helping to lead the way in environmental carpentry construction.

As a company we like to take pride in always looking towards a better future. We find that the future of construction is environmental construction, at Wye Valley Heritage we have put in the effort over the years to make sure that our carpentry work is at a very high standard.

We specialise in renovation and damp proofing with both modern techniques and traditional breathable lime, and many other forms of Environmental work. We are based in Hereford uk and we also cover the surrounding areas.

Our approach with our carpentry techniques is based upon a great business sense, material on site that is environmentally friendly, using materials from renewable contact sources (certified) and the upmost importance of using less waste and providing efficiency in all of our carpentry projects.

Protecting our environment as a company at Wye Valley Heritage construction is aimed around good customer service, great results and enviromentally friendly materials.

Always Remember If you Need Us Give Us A Call! What Things Should You Remember?

You need to take into account what you are hiring when looking for that perfect carpentry expert. At Wye Valley Heritage we are fully equipped to helping you understand what carpentry is and what it is you need to be looking for, for instance:


So, while hiring us as either your joinery or carpentry services, you certainly have to make sure that you are hiring us because we are good at what we do. As contractors we understand the detail and we have the capability to offer a unique and impeccable design to your business which can bring life to it. The main intention of any business is to grab customer's attention and the service provider must be well-knowledgeable about this.


It's better to hire us who have experience in this business and have served a number of clients, including award-winning clients. Do remember, there is no substitute for skill and experience. When it comes to carpentry & joinery services, expertise comes first. Expertise comes with experience in this service. That is why you are better choosing us.

Previous work

Also, while hiring the specialised services, you have to inspect their previous work as well as the quality of supplies used by them. If you ask about ours you will be able to solicit more information of their services from their previous or existing clients. After checking our previous works only, we can decide on the right person to handle your work with efficiency.

Deadline is mandatory

We always make sure make sure we complete the work within any deadlines set in place. Carpentry and joinery work both needs time for being completed. As professionals we always complete the work within any deadline period.

Feel free today to call us on 07713279819. Our customer service team are always on hand to help you 24 hrs a day and will put you in touch with a contactor right away, so if you feel you need a quote get in touch today!