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Creating space by means of knocking out internal walls, both structural and none structural and fitting lintels

Removing an internal wall, either structural or none structural to make space has become a known home renovation job due to homeowners wishing to have an open floor plan and a lot more space in their homes. Having an expert like us Install a lintel  you need to understand is an important step before any hole is cut in brick. An intel holds up a wall and is a flat steel beam.  A well known job is the removal of a kitchen wall to a joined living room or a dining area. No job is too big for us at Wye Valley Heritage and we like to create a better appearance as well as more space throughout your living areas that are shared. Walls are removed also when you want to expand a bedroom and bathroom or rearrange your living space. Because of a number of skills involved in this kind of job, the removal of a wall is normalyl best left to professionals like us. Here are a few considerations for an interior wall removal project:

Do you have a load bearing wall? The most important factor in wall removal is whether the wall is actually load bearing. This kind of wall is a critical part of the home's structure because it supports the weight above. A load bearing wall can still be removed, but the weight it supports must be redistributed and supported in another way. Often, you can add a column or two to support the weight while still creating the open floor plan you are going for. If the wall is not load bearing, it may be removed without affecting the structure of the home.

Are there electrical wires or plumbing pipes inside the wall? If not, you are lucky and the job will be a little easier. But if there are electrical or plumbing components inside the wall to be removed, they will need to be rerouted so that your home remains functional without the wall. The need to adjust pipes and wiring is another reason that most homeowners prefer to hire a pro to remove interior walls.

What will need to be done to create a smooth transition on the adjoining floor, ceiling and walls?

When you remove a wall, the adjoining wall(s), ceiling or floors will are then exposed showing where the wall was once affixed. Accommodating the gaps created as a result of removing a wall is an important piece of the project that should be addressed in the project plan and allowed for in the budget.

When you are breaking down a wall, you never know what surprise obstacles you will encounter, that is why you need us because we are experts in removing brick, it must be addressed before the project can proceed. Unless you are experienced with similar projects as well as electrical and plumbing work, hiring us for this type of project is advised. Even if you have the experience to tackle the job yourself, getting professional advice before you begin may be helpful. Contact Wye Valley Heritage to discuss your project.