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At Wye Valley Heritage we have a number of qualifed Brick layers to help you.

When we Build a brick wall, it is not easy, but it is not as difficult as it seems for us professionals. There are just some tips that you need to remember in order to make it even easier for us. However, the most important thing to remember on how to build a brick wall is that you should have experience of building one, or anything related to it. If none, it is very important to gain enough knowledge on how to do it and what better way to do it than to research by asking about it or by getting hold of reading materials about it such as this one. We are here to help you understand how we do our job.

The second important thing to remember is the fact that it is built as a veneer wall only. This means that we need another wall, which is the foundation, in order to construct your brick wall. This also means that we have to make sure that there is enough foundation that will support the construction of the brick wall. If there is none, there is a need for us to pour a concrete footing a few days ahead before we start making the brick wall. It is also pertinent that we are prepared with all the materials needed and these include a safety gear, shovel, wheelbarrow, bricks, wall ties, nails, tape measure, brush, jointer, water, line, level, hammer, trowel, and mortar mix.

Another important thing to remember is to measure the foundation wall where we will build your brick wall. The measurement has to start from one edge of the wall to the other edge of the wall. It must also be take into consideration that bricks come in different sizes including, but not limited to, skinny, wide, long, short, and thick. This means that the size of the bricks to be used and the size of the foundation wall both have to be taken into consideration.

Once we are done with the measurement, the bricks may now be laid, starting with the ends or edges. If we are alone in this project, it is advised to just start laying bricks on one edge. We, of course, need to make sure that our brick-laying is straight and this can be done by putting our level against the laid bricks. After finishing a couple of columns, hook a line from the bottom to the top of the wall which will be our pattern, to make sure that the project we are doing is straight. Just focusing and continuing to repeat the process will make us finish the project in no time.

Furthermore, we will feel satisfied as we finish the project. It just makes as an expert on how to build a brick wall.

If you are looking for a bricklayer in Hereford or any of its surrounding areas, please feel free to contact Wye Valley Heritage, either via the contact page on our site or via phoning us direct on 07713279819.



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